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As a Affiliate Designer at HUB, your responsibilities would be to make designers in the system successful while ensuring great experience to the customers. You will work closely with Design teams, Marketing team, Installation partners and suppliers in order to deliver to HUB customers the best interior design experience of their life.


– Be in charge of making every designer successful, and every client get the best experience.

– P&L owner for all projects handled by the cohort.

– Understand each client’s requirements and keeping tab on their experience throughout.

– As a key member of the founding team of this business model, bring insights from the client and designer meetings and suggest process improvements across the board including marketing,product, category and operations.

– Coordination with different teams for ensuring client deliverables are effectively communicated and met

– Will carry revenue targets.


– Domain expertise in Interior Design or Real estate or Construction preferred

– Entrepreneurial mindset and the ability to bring in structure where missing

– Minimum 2 to 8 yrs experience in management consulting or a business management role in Tier I companies.

– Entrepreneurial experience is preferred.

– Must have handled a team

  • Analyze photographs, drawings and maps to inform the direction of projects as well as the overall budget constraints
  • Ensure project feasibility through continual evaluation of structural integrity and design practicality
  • Create designs that utilize a variety of materials
  • Perform and adjust quantity calculations for practical and budgetary purposes
  • Communicate with team members as well as customers and vendors to ensure maximum cohesion and fluidity on projects
  • Forecast design and construction time frames
  • Inspect project sites to ensure they meet relevant codes and are progressing properly


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering
  • 3+ years’ civil engineering experience
  • Extensive AutoCAD experience
  • Highly developed team management and leadership skills
  • Working knowledge of HydroCAD modeling
  • Communicate with the booking, housekeeping and maintenance departments to ensure prompt responses to client’ needs
  • Make reservations or appointments for clients
  • Answer guest calls and record details of each conversation for future follow-up
  • Meet and exceed client’s expectations
  • Maintain constant communication with stakeholders
  • Report any accidents or injuries to senior management staff immediately
  • Meet with clients to take detailed ordering briefs and clarify specific requirements of each project
  • Delegate project tasks based on junior staff members’ individual strengths, skill sets and experience levels
  • Track project performance, specifically to analyze the successful completion of short- and long-term goals
  • Meet budgetary objectives and make adjustments to project constraints based on financial analysis
  • Develop comprehensive project plans to be shared with clients as well as other staff members
  • Use and continually develop leadership skills


  • 5 years’ experience in project management
  • Familiarity with SmartSheet software’s collaboration and time management tools
  • Experience with process improvement and inventory control
  • PMP Certification
  • Advanced time management and analytical skills
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Excel
  • Excellent client-facing communication skills
  • Place phone calls to potential clients from our computerized directory
  • Perform script (with necessary adjustments) to ensure consistency of sales program
  • Answer potential clients’ questions about home improvement projects or goals
  • Generate between 5 and 15 sales leads per day
  • Set appointments with prospective customers based on our associates’ schedules
  • Maintain computer, telephone and other equipment
  • Train other telemarketers when required
  • Communicate any problems, concerns or questions to supervisory staff
  • Refer customer complaints to supervisor for quality control
  • Communicate respectfully and politely with potential customers at all times


  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in sales (lead generation preferred)
  • 2+ years’ experience telemarketing a plus
  • Excellent phone manner and articulation
  • Ability to type minimum 40 WPM (words per minute)
  • Results-driven and willing to work on commission basis
  • Ability to cope with rejection on a daily basis

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