Colours have always been playing a major role in our lives especially when it comes in perceiving things to our senses.

To give your home a minimalistic, innovative and utterly worldly feel, take a break from the daily palettes and break free the boldness of the powerful couple shades – black and white. Easy to pull off in your homes, here we’ve got you some inspiring ideas.

Before that we must know a little about Monochrome shades.

Monochromatic colour palettes are made up of a single base hue, and then continued with that hue’s shades, tints, and tones. By adding black, white, or grey to a colour, you can create a regular colour palette that’s adaptive and easy on the eyes.

Strong, simple, neutral, classic, contemporary, clean, desirable, powerful, elegant… Black and white interiors illustrate each and every one of these features. You can never go wrong with this countless elegant combination of colour.

 You can bring the equilibrium by balancing the two colours equally for a more symbolic approach, let white be the dominant colour to create space and light, or mask it with black to make a room inviting and dramatic. Whatever your method may be, the results are guaranteed to make an impressive.

  1. The monochrome scheme with bold decorating ideas is no more a myth. One can pretty up a black and white palette with a soft decorative wallpaper instead.
  2. For those of us who prefer a distinctive look for the living area, but don’t want to leave the black-and-white scale, a black accent chair of velvety smoothness or just a faux fur throw in a lighter shade of grey will overpower the area. You can also add drama to the look by adding textures to your cushions.
  3. Introducing a pop colour creates more drama and is also an add-on to the palette of your choice; this in turn also breaks the monotony.
  4. Hallway with accent wall with bold bordered mirrors or beautifully framed black and white prints, addition to it a table console with artefacts, makes the area quite exciting and involving. There would be stories to tell as one walks past the stairway, or recollecting the past beautiful memories on the way up.
  5. Bathroom is always the easiest way to design with this colour palette. This becomes the simplest problem to be sorted out by your interior designer, when one opts for such a decor.  It makes for a clean and easy maintained bathroom look with the minimalistic design involved which is of course not boring anytime for the user. You can use alternate black and white bathroom tiles or anyhow to create a geometric and interesting pattern for your wall. Accessory with silver or gold bathroom fittings completes the elegant look.
  6. Matching neutral shades with bold black provides a modern look in this living room decorating idea. Symmetry of the decor makes it more appealing and sophisticated.
  7. For a bold effect in your kitchen decor, arrange the whites and blacks into a geometric pattern which in turn can be camouflaged by adding on a shelf, this keeps the design alive and free flowing, thus making it extra ordinarily graceful.
  8. Home office decorating ideas needs to be simple and effective with the minimal usage of the monochromatic scheme – which has been very well executed in the above decor.
  9. Coloured glassware is an inexpensive decorating idea that always creates an interesting focal point in the decor and especially when in this sleek monochrome dining room.
  10. If you aren’t afraid of going bold, turn your boring wall into a black accent wall to give your space a more dramatic effect. A chalkboard effect wall is a cool idea too and is helpful in children’s bedroom too. Dress it up with black and white images in a white frame. Alternatively, you can leave the black wall bare and then add a distressed wooden white console with few monochrome accessories on it.

If black is too loud for your taste, flip it over. Turn to a white accent wall, may be a brick wall effect as texture which is also very important in such a palette, and adding black accessories like statement lights, monochrome rugs or paintings will enhance the makeover.