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Be it an apartment, a villa, a holiday home or retire home, landscaping is considered always at the early stage of the design process. We understand the involvement and importance of designing a life embracing the space surrounding you. The amalgamation of the lifeless solid blocks with the lively nature around, brings you the joy of wellbeing with forever freshness.

We have extended our opportunities for you beyond just the walls thus maximizing the relationship between the structure and its external factors, thus making it fit for your healthy living

Outdoor patio with table and chair around rainbow bridge tokyo japan
beautiful swimming pool in tropical resort

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The Urban Life with

Smart Environment

A rare, new development in Green Zone, Forest Hill combines a thoughtful design concept with the vision of a sustainable living community.

Forest Hill has devoted 45.000 m2 of its land area to be artfully developed into a lush, modern landscape, utilizing trees and tropical flowers to form an enchanting natural park.

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