Turn your home an office


Create a home office that boosts creativity and productivity.

Working from home has its perks. No hysterical alarms, or traffic snarls. Just some peace, quiet and productivity. All in your pyjamas. What’s not to love? The trick to creating the right environment is choosing your work nook with care. That way you are at your efficient best even at home. 

A room, study, nook, or even a secluded corner can be converted into a dedicated office. A desk is a must. It fuels productivity, and helps keep all your brainstorming necessities at hand

Hot desk

Opt for units with shelves, cubby holes, stacked storage, and pockets. It makes organizing easy, and you won’t have to get up in the middle of a brainwave for supplies and lose your train of thought.

Divide and rule

Ensure that your work area comes with a door, a sliding partition, or a curtain, so that you can gently but firmly shut the world out. Create an
intrusion-free zone where you can take calls, work undisturbed,
and have meetings.

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