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Budget Residential Interiors | Homes Under Budget | HUB

Budget Residential Interiors

Budget design does not mean usage of cheap materials or products in the process. 

Commercial Interiors | Homes Under Budget | HUB

Commercial Interiors

Commercial interiors plays a pivotal role in the success of any business. 

Architectural Designs | Homes Under Budget | HUB

Architectural Designs

The blend or mix of contemporary, traditional and modern ideas for creating 

Retail & QSR Design | Homes Under Budget | HUB

Retail & QSR Design

The retail and Quick service restaurants designs have become increasingly hallmarks

Event Spaces and Stalls | Homes Under Budget | HUB

Event Spaces and Stalls

Count on us to put a smile on the special occasion. It is not just about looking nice

Gardens & Landscapes | Homes Under Budget | HUB

Gardens & Landscapes

Be it an apartment, a villa, a holiday home or retire home, landscaping is considered

Home Buying Consultation | Homes Under Budget | HUB

Home Buying Consultation

It is everyone’s dream to own a house of their own sooner or later! Some may want to put 

Home Renovations | Homes Under Budget | HUB

Home Renovations

Bored with the same wall colour on your walls, or the same sofa, or the arrangements

Custom Furniture | Homes Under Budget | HUB

Custom Furniture

Do you have a uniquely shape or sized area in your home that demands a custom piece of 

Project Management | Homes Under Budget | HUB

Project Management

Design thrives on creativity. And without a project manager achieving the design is

Space make over | Homes Under Budget | HUB

Space Make Over

Your home is your only haven. Its true place where you relax always and where you share

Affordable Housing | Homes Under Budget | HUB

Affordable Housing

The issue of affordability has assumed greater significance in shrinking cities of our

Homes Under Budget

HUB is one of the leading Interior Design Company in Bangalore that engages in a broad range of services including Home interior Design, Residential and Apartments Design in affordable budget.

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