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We all desire if we had little more space build an extra guest room when guests are in town, or to create an additional home office when another pandemic outspread, or to create a small craft room where you can fly on creativity. But we know real estate is expensive in cities like Bangalore. Buying a large home is not a feasible idea. But HUB offers you space saving furniture in Bangalore that can help you maximize the carpet area you have. So that you feel like you have more room space, even if you don’t. It’s a smart idea to make better use of current space. That’s where space saving furniture give a hand.

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Wall bed | Homes Under Budget

Wall Beds

One of the frequent space-eater is your bed. If your room is too small, the bed itself turns out to be your room. At HUB, we provide variety of wall beds to maximize the space in your bedroom.

Convertible sofas | Homes Under Budget

Convertible Sofas

When it's come to living room, It has the bulkiest piece of furniture that takes up the most space. To make the most out of your living area, HUB designed unique sofas that leaves you the room free.

Space Saving Tables

Table is a kind of furniture which we use very less time in a day, still it consumes a good amount space. Space saving tables from HUB enable best use of the space and your study time.

Storage beds | Homes Under Budget

Storage Beds

We know there're a lot of stuffs we would like to store which we use hardly. Still we don't want to loose them. Why don't you dump all of them in the capacious storage of HUB beds?

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