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HUB’s third party quality inspection benefits you to ensure that the promised quality is delivered from the builder. In many cases, homeowners or homebuyers opt for inspection services. It should be used to ensure that the surroundings of the property do not pose a danger to the people living there. It is ideal to hire a company to provide Home inspection services in Bangalore, if you are first time buyer. With HUB, you are assured that you are truly getting a highly professional quality home inspection for your home.

For the inspection we usethe state-of-the-art equipment such as moisture meters and infrared cameras. Newly built homes may have serious flaws that need to be addressed immediately. A HUB inspection engineer can assist you in effectively resolving such issues before the property is handed over. The detailed home inspection report provided by HUB has enough detail for the builder to correct any deficiencies.

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All Tap Checking

Plumbing Checking

MCB Board Checking

Surround Area Wall

Kitchen Trolly Checking

All Switches

Ceiling AndChecking

Lock And Hinges

Light Checking

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