Smart home is the future

Home Automation

Global control

Control all the devices and appliances directly on your phone. From anywhere globally.

All-in-one remote

Replace all your TV, AC, Projector and more remotes controllers with just your smartphone.

Scheduled devices

Schedule geyser, lights, fans and other devices to turn on/off according to your daily routine.

Set the scene

Automate lights and appliance. Preset the ambiance perfectly for all your events.

Save energy

Track the power draw of all your devices and making it easy to reduce wastage of electricity.

Security control

Manage home security and access directly from your phone. Set intruder alarms etc.

Voice control

Control all the devices and home appliances with your voice through Alexa and Google Home.

Plug and play

Install or transfer all our products easily and quickly at a new place. No rewiring required.

Meet our Design Expert

It has never been easier to create your home at your budget

Homes Under Budget

HUB is one of the leading Interior Design Company in Bangalore that engages in a broad range of services including Home interior Design, Residential and Apartments Design in affordable budget.

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