Cook like never before

Design your kitchen

Make your kitchen the most wonderful place!

For those who are truly inspired by cooking, the kitchen is the hub of your home. Kitchen is where you work, share and entertain. Hub brings style, convenience and craft into your kitchen.

We want you to experience the pleasures that cooking, eating and entertaining in a kitchen. And that’s what inspires us to Make it Wonderful.

Choose your shape

Straight Kitchen black Interior design

Straight Kitchen

L shape Kitchen yellow Interior design

L- Shaped Kitchen

Parallel Kitchen Interior design brown

Parallel Kitchen

U shaped Kitchen brown Interior design

U- shaped Kitchen

Island Kitchen Interior design open Kitchen

Island Kitchen

Inspiration Book

Multiply the utility

Storage Accessories and hardware
bottle pull out for kitchen Budget friendly

Bottle pullout

corner solution for modular kitchen Budget friendly

Corner Solutions

cutlery tray for modular kitchen Budget friendly

Cutlery Tray

detergent rack pull out Budget friendly

Detergent Rack

pantry pull out shelves Budget friendly

Pantry Pullout

plate holder for kitchen

Plate holder

tambour unit kitchen

Tambour Unit

kitchen shelf drawers

Tandem Box

kitchen shelf dustbin

Waste Bin

kitchen shelf

Wicker Basket

What's inside that counts

CORE Materials

BWR - Plywood


BWP -Plywood

wooden sheet

Medium Density Fibre

wooden sheet different Thickness

High Density Fibre

Stunning outside as inside

Finish materials
transparent thermoplastic.



Lacquered Glass

laminate sheets


laminate sheets for wood


solid wood sheet

Solid Wood

Meet our Design Expert

It has never been easier to create your home at your budget

Homes Under Budget

HUB is one of the leading Interior Design Company in Bangalore that engages in a broad range of services including Home interior Design, Residential and Apartments Design in affordable budget.

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