7 Lighting Design Ideas Make Your Living Room Come Life

We all want a comfortable and elegant house. The living room is the most important room in our house. While we are all busy planning the layouts and colors, the design aspect of all rooms is very important and crucial as this is the one place where all the house members spend most of their time in the house. Therefore, the design of the living room must be very ergonomic and convenient. We should have a couple of living room design ideas in the initial planning phase.


When it comes to designing your living room, you need to be a lot more creative and innovative. Creativity gives birth to wonderful ideas. At first, you need to plan. Planning is the first and most important step, a proper plan is 80% of the work done. The plan just needs to be executed properly.


Now at planning stage it is very confusing what to choose and not to. Some people out of excitement choose such themes, which make it, look gross and shabby. Design should be chosen in such a way that it complements your house than overdoing it and making it look bad. Lights add spice to the living room. Even a dull and small room can look decent and lively that is the magic of light.


In a recent study, it is proven that the lighting elements in your home have a great effect and deep impact on your mood. Some examples are, a dim light gives people a sense of relaxation and calmness, while blue lights helps you to focus and grasp information a bit faster.


So, do you want some cool living room design ideas? Here are some ideas to make your room very lively, which will make your living room come to life:


  1. Keep your ceiling in mind:


The height of ceiling is something that needs attention especially when you go for hanging lights. Choose lights that are not too high or too low. Lights that have adjustable rods are much preferable as they give you the liberty to adjust the height as per your needs.


  1. Hopping lights:


Hopping lights for your dining table is the new trend. The light should be place 15to 20 inches above the table. Hopping lights give a classy and decent look to your living room.


  1. Wall scones light:


If you wish to give your home a luxury with royal touch then you should go for wall scones. They help to create a good and soft mood. These lights do not take much space and do not look gross. There are various styles available in the market. Designs like gold leaf, two linear and vintage styles.


  1. Hybrid Chandeliers:


These lights give your living room a sophisticated and classy look. They are stylish and breathtaking.  Giving you a chance just enjoys your favorite sport chilling at your home. These lamps are attached to ceiling spreading light all over the room. The additional feature is you can adjust brightness according to your mood.


  1. Table Lamps:


Table lamps by the side of your sofa are also one of the latest trends. When you wish to spend some lazy time like watching TV or just reading your favorite book you can just use table light than lighting the whole room. It helps you to save electricity and fits in your budget.


  1. Motion Sensor Lights:


Motion sensor lights have motion detectors that have small electronic eyes which detect infrared waves, heat waves that radiate from moving objects. Motion sensor lights are hassle free and have a remote control facility. You do not have to worry about these even if you forget to switch off your lights!

Did you know that there are some awesome features where you can always be in control of your lights via the Internet even if you are hundreds or thousands of miles away. These are enabled via a technology called Internet of Things (IoT). Search online for “Internet of Things” to know more about how Internet of Things enabled devices helps us to live Smarter and Better!


  1. Integrated Lighting:

Integrated lighting is for your furniture like bookshelves, cupboards and shelves. Integrated lighting helps you to save a lot of energy. There is no need to switch on all the lights in your living room. 

Be smart, save energy, and live wisely.

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Smart is the new style!