Houses are not just for looking at; they’re for living in. And a truly cozy house – one that meets your needs well, and invites visitors in – will be beautiful as well.When you are comfortable in an environment, you are more productive and relaxed.

Stop thinking about how you want your home to look, instead think…How do I want to FEEL in my home?

So the goal from beautification changes to cozy-fication. If you, too, crave something warm and homey, here are a few ideas for getting the look that says: “Come in. Stay a while.”


  1. Look for furniture that is ‘curl-upabble’.

    There’s often a bit of a gap between furniture that is lovely to look upon, and furniture that is lovely to sit upon. Ideally, the perfect sofa would strike a balance between the two. But if you’re truly dedicated to coziness, before purchasing anything designed for sitting, you must consider its curl-uppability. “Can I see myself curled up on this sofa of a Sunday afternoon, feet sunk deep in the cushions, reading a book and drinking tea?” If the answer is no – keep looking.

  2. Mix it up a little.

    “Don’t buy all your furniture from one store,” the old proverb goes, “unless you want your house to look like a furniture store.” Furniture stores are lovely, but they are not inviting. To get away from the show-house look, mix together pieces from different styles. When considering things together, think less about what “matches” and more about what “goes”. Mixing dissimilar pieces creates visual texture, which will make any space more inviting and more cosy.

  3. Fill your house with things you would want to touch. 

    An old leather chair, a worn wood table, a fluffy throw, a patterned rug – items with lots of texture that are interesting to touch and hold, add warmth to a room.

  4. Use warm colours.

    Until I started with my architectural journey it did not occur to me that every colour has a “mood”. Cooler colours make a space feel larger and airier. Warm colours do the opposite – they make a space feel smaller and cozier. Every colour, even whites and blacks, can have cool or warm undertones.

  5. Lighting, lighting, lighting. 

    One of the most important factors in how a room looks is something most people usually don’t even think about: light. Sometimes I find myself drooling over a beautiful image in a magazine, only to realize – “I don’t like the stuffin this room. I like the light.” It’s especially important in a living room to have multiple light sources – brighter ones for larger gatherings, smaller ones for more intimate gatherings or a night in. Table lamps bring lighting down to a human level and give big rooms a sense of scale.

  6. Switch ‘cool’ light bulbs for ‘warm’ ones. 

    Tiny investment, minimal work, nearly instant codification.

  7. Live with the things you love.

    My collection of old school books. The first fountain pen from my dad. The license plate from my first car. All the cut out pieces of the magazines that once were the most appealing. All these things make my house feel like home because they remind me of people and things I love. When I’m at home, I feel that it is a place where I truly belong. And that’s the whole idea of coziness that rooms are made for people.

It is these things that can all be bundled into making a house a home. You want it to be a place where you can create memories based on what you love.

If you are an outdoor person, include an outdoor area that fits you. If you prefer to sit by the window while the rain falls, then create a nook surrounded by that.

Use each of your senses when designing a home that brings comfort. What smells do you like? What feels good to you? What do you want to see? These things matter. Your house matters.

You matter.

And your house should reflect that.