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Food, Shelter, Clothing are the basic necessities of life. Everyone dreams day and night that they too will have their own home in a city of their choice. Potential Home Buyers can have a wide range of wants and needs. They will have their own dream home pictured on their mind in their city. Buyers can be interested in a villa in Delhi; they can be interested in budget apartments in Bangalore or a studio apartment in Mumbai.

People buy a house for various reasons: the key reason generally is that having your own house gives a sense of security and safety to people wherever they are, irrespective of their caste, race, gender, religion. When it comes to buying your house there are a Lot of Factors and elements involved.

Many people may get overwhelmed and make some wrong choices, which then leave a bitter taste in their mouth. The problem arises because of intermediaries; they often confuse buyers for their personal gains and profits. When it comes to buying your own house, the first thing that you need to do is that you need to decide and consider houses which are in your Budget.

The Budget is the key deciding and key factor which decides almost everything. Based on your budget, you will know the answers to various important questions like how much Loan you can avail at a suitable rate of interest, How much is your eligibility criteria, how much down payment you can afford and so on?

After you have determined and finalized your available Budget, the next step you need to do is to find out which kind of locality you would prefer to live in. For example: You would like your House to be nearby your workplace if you’re living in Metro cities like Mumbai or Delhi, while if you’re living down South, you might be interested in Budget Apartments in Bangalore or you would rather live in a Gated Community in Chennai. Many of these choices that are in our wish list depend hugely on the extent upon which we can stretch the Budget.

Houses, nowadays, requite versatile in nature. Builders in today’s era realize that Buyers have a lot of variety in their wants and wishes. There are lot of folks who prefer Villas and Apartments. These are the most preferred by the majority of people. Villas offer complete luxury and has a lot of comfort.

While Gated communities on the other hand, offer a plethora of services which are top on people’s wish list within the vicinity of the residential area like Play Area for Kids, Walking Area, Gym, Swimming Pool, Club House and so much more!

In Gated Communities, Everything is available at your doorstep. Last but not the least, Gated Communities often gives safety and security very high priority and importance. Security and safety includes 24×7 CCTV Surveillance and Dedicated Security for each Building.

So, are you looking for Tips and a Guide to Plan for Buying your next Dream Home?

You can chill and enjoy a Lazy Sunday on your house too!

Here are some excellent and helpful tips to guide you buy your dream home:-
So, are you looking for Tips and a Guide to Plan for Buying your next Dream Home? You can chill and enjoy a Lazy Sunday on your house too! Here are some excellent and helpful tips to guide you buy your dream home:-

1. Locality

It is said that a place where you live defines you and who you are. That is why, choosing the right locality is very important. A friendly surrounding neighbourhood with accessibility to basic necessities like groceries, Medical stores and everyday essentials nearby would be ideal. These are the most crucial factors for buyers since they are going to stay there for a long term possibly their whole life as well! So, these may seem like small factors to some but are quintessential for finalizing your Dream home.

2. Quality of Life:

Quality of life is something that should not be overlooked. Are pollution levels under control or not? Local crime rate, accessibility to medical services in case of emergency situations, the Rate of Air, Water and Sound pollution should also be kept in mind. Also, is the area prone to any life threatening diseases (air borne or otherwise) can also be definitive factors while deciding to purchase a house.

quality life of human

3. Find the right Developer:

 Always do some Online Research and check Reviews of the developer and interior designer who is building your Dream house before you approach them for a site visit or consultation. It is better to get directly in touch with the developer rather than going through any intermediaries to have authentic and genuine information. You should ask around to assess and analyse the Builders’ reputation on the market.

4. Transportation:

Another key factor to keep in mind is the Availability of a good transportation system. Transportation is very important for your day to day activities. Before you consider buying a house, always make sure you do some background checks about what types of transportation modes are available in the area of your dream home. Things like the Distance from your Residence to the bus stop and the availability of buses, the time slots of buses to key routes are important. Also, the availability of other modes of transport like cabs, metro rail should be kept in mind while you decide to buy your next house

traveller mode affordable price

5. Safety First, Always! :

The area where you are planning to live should be safe and secure. Safety should be your and the builders’ highest priority. Questions like is there round the clock security, how many security guards are there, is there any CCTV camera placed in key areas, how safe is the area for women and children and how is the nightlife? These key factors are always a big concern for everyone, no matter wherever they are planning to live or stay.

6. Return on Investment:

Coming to the finance side of buying, the key questions which buyers may have are whether the house is worth their investment, what will be the annual maintenance for the amenities, which banks are providing home loans, what are the returns they will get if they give the house on rent. These are some important factors which need to be always kept in mind for the house you are planning to purchase.

7. Renting Culture and Rates:

A major selling point is to check the renting culture in that locality. For buyers, answers to questions like are people interested in moving to this area, what are the Renting rates and so on can be crucial in the decision making process for potential buyers. So, Rents should be progressive in nature and it should yield some percentage of your investment in the area and vicinity of your dream home.

8. Food and Entertainment:

Check on the restaurants available near your residence. Are they expensive or affordable for commoners? The quality of food they provide and so on. Here’s what you can start with to find nearby: Search for Malls, multiplexes and gaming centres there in the area.

9. Schools and Hospitals:

For families and young couples who are planning to start their family, schools and hospitals are the most critical factor in deciding their future Home. Some quick background checks for getting answers to questions like are there any Schools and Hospitals within a 5km radius, are there any Medical Professionals near the residential area and what is the medical care rates and how affordable are the hospitals and clinics in the area are some of the things which need to be explored before taking a final decision. At the same time, for younger couples questions like school fees and what are the facilities provided by the school, quality of education are things which should be enquired to lead a good standard of living in your Dream house. So, those were our tips, tricks and advice extracted and handpicked from our Experts so that you can start your Treasure hunt to Find and Book your next House. Whether it is a Duplex apartment in Mumbai or Delhi, or Budget Apartments in Bangalore or a Penthouse in a Gated Community in Chennai, we hope you have learned some key things to keep in mind and our tips and tricks have guided you to take a decision for your Dream House! For further information Contact Us. Our team will get in touch with you and Guide you as per your requirements. We will help you find your dream home at affordable prices.Hope you enjoyed Reading our Expert Guide for buying your Dream Home!

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