What is a Budget Interior and How to Make Sure it Pays Off in the Long-Term

How to Save Money on Budget Home Renovations by Doing it Yourself

Remodeling and renovating your home can increase the overall value. However there are a lot  of innovative ways to renovate your home on a budget without throwing your finances out of balance. You can opt for simple changes in your home such as painting, re-grouting floor tiles with new vitrified tiles, refurbishing old furniture by polishing and redecorating them and removing the old accessories which do not match the decor of your home.

Firstly, to start with do-it-yourself home renovation, discard or refurbish the items in your home which you might think will not blend in with your new theme. Renovation can be tricky if your home has a lot of accessories. You will have to pick and choose which ones to keep and which ones to remove/refurbish. The process will help you to declutter and at the same time make your house look more spacious which will give a new vibrant look.  This will give your budget home renovation project a touch of luxury and comfort.

You can either seek help from a professional interior designer to plan your budget home renovation or you can just simply take some time off of your work and plan a do-it-yourself home renovation and save a few bucks. You can take inspiration from websites, social media platforms on how you can make changes to your home. There are a lot of instagram pages who post videos about remodeling your home within a budget.

Buying raw materials from wholesalers

A pro tip for DIY is to browse and purchase the raw materials you need from wholesalers. You can buy raw materials from wholesale markets or maybe even directly from the factory in certain cases because you will get the materials you need at a discounted price. It will help in keeping the costs within your budget. This way you can source and procure materials at a discounted rate. You can find a wholesale market near you by just searching on a Search Engine like Google. The trick to finding a good wholesaler is to see their reviews on Google and understand what other customers say about them and based on that buying from that wholesaler.

Try buying when there is a sale.

This way you will get good discounts and your costs will be well within your budget. Another way to keep your home renovation under budget is buying things in peak sales seasons like Diwali or Christmas or Holi. Yes, you heard that right. Often during peak season sales, wholesale markets give great deals and discounts to attract more customers to buy goods and increase their sales. Some wholesalers will knock off prices a little more for bulk orders as well. So try timing your purchase during the peak season time to get the best price!

Search and compare prices

Nowadays we have the power of the internet where you can search for goods and products online to find out their features, specifications and the best prices so that you don’t have to be dependent on a handful of sellers with exorbitant rates. With the power of the Internet, you can browse hundreds of products ranging from low price and cheap quality products to absolutely the best ones out there on the market for your budget home renovation. You can even compare the prices of multiple competitors and see who is giving it at a lower price. So, what are you waiting for? Start browsing and shopping online!

Redesign your garden and patio

Another great way for a do-it-yourself home renovation is to spruce up your budget home renovation project by giving your garden or patio a brand new look and feel. Gardens are one of the most refreshing areas at home especially if you like to have a natural setting at home.


Even if you reside in a high rise apartment, create your garden on your balcony. You can purchase small mud pots and start small. Maintaining a patio can be a difficult task so getting it cleaned once in a while is an essential part of your maintenance activity. This way the patio will be in a good condition for a longer time. Non-maintenance like not cleaning regularly, not pressure washing can make the patio very dirty and slippery.


The patio is one of the most relaxing areas of your château. Make sure you give it a refurbished look and feel to save a little as well. Browse through available options to help you find what’s best for your patio area renovation. You can replace your existing wooden floors and go for new modern yet stylish hardwood floors which will just be perfect for renovating your home on a budget! If it is a granite based patio then cleaning, maintaining, polishing is something that needs to be done regularly.

Refresh your furniture

Give your home a whole new and refreshed look by refurbishing your existing furniture. Change your furniture’s upholstery. These days you can create covers at home with existing material which is not being used. If your furniture is made of solid wood then they would need a bit of cleaning and polishing to get that shine back which will make it look brand new.

If your furniture is leather based, it will take time and energy to polish them and get that fresh leather smell back like how it was when you first bought it. Ensure you deep clean your furniture to remove all the dust and any small insects before you start the maintenance activity on your furniture

Redo your walls and floors

Sometimes a house just needs a new coat of paint.The walls get attacked by smoke, dust and sometimes even things being spilled on the wall. Many times in a lot of homes, painting is the last thing that people do. Today, painting is something that is very easy because of the accessories that are available with the paint. One can paint your home very easily with the help of roller brushes. You can also choose from a variety of paints like regular paints, plastic emulsion or maybe even designer wallpaper. All of these can be done at a budget since there is a lot of variety available in the market. A lot of companies are now offering sample bottles of paints to test out a part of your wall with the new paint and see which ones suit the best.

Light it up/Refurbish your lamps

Lights are an essential part of any home. LED designer lights are even better. It completely changes the decor of your home. You can look up on the internet as there are a lot of ways in which you can make a do it yourself / diy lamp at home with things at home which you are not going to use while decluttering. A lot of times while decluttering you will not know what things can be refurbished. DIY websites and social media is something where you can take your inspiration from. Add some classy lamps for your bedroom or hanging lights to make your dining / drawing room a lot classier than before.


To conclude, refurbishing your house is not an expensive task. You do not need to take a loan to refurbish your home. This can be done on a budget and many times changing small things in your home makes it stand out which will make your guests go wow. Are you also looking for some ideas or tips on Home renovations? Get in touch with us today and our team will help you with your requirements.