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How To Make Your Rental Feel Like Home?

We transform empty spaces into design-forward homes every day, and we can certainly do it for you. So stop dreaming about design and start living it. Get started now with our affordable packages
We all have dreams of creating a perfect nest and call it our aboard. For the homes that you have invested on and bought can be shaped up by any renowned designers, but there isn’t any that ever has thought of designing a rental home.
Yes, like me many are out there in this city Bangalore; where you come study, get jobs, get married and settle down here eventually in a rental home. Even you have dreams to design your space like a pro, but unfortunately due to the heavy quote values offered in the market, you step back and the dream of designing your home is shattered. So, Your HUB has taken this simple step to make you happy. We have designs for you as well, to satisfy your living spaces and recreating the feel of your aboard with a touch of a pro. “Every individual have dreams, helping them build it and recreate it, is our dream.” We help the rental homes also have a reflection of you as we do the best Rental Interior Design Services under budget, as for coming years you are going to live there and moreover, it is your Home. Yes true,you may ask me that why spend so much for a rental home. Indeed! Have you ever thought that the home that you stay is not any place which you will be changing every 5-6months, right? So then why not recreating the spaces where your mother spends her entire days’ time knitting beside the window on the chair? Isn’t it worth, putting a smile on her face? Why not give her a comfort yet with a touch of excellence with a minimal cost? Doesn’t your family deserve that; be it a year or more! Don’t you want to invite your friends more often, than feeling it to be a rental home so no party! Time has changed, when your rental homes have our interiors on it, which will win you praises and happiness encompassed and that’s our guarantee! When HUB client Lakshmi S set out to decorate her Indiranagar apartment, she was initially a bit skeptical: “I thought I would never be able to use an interior designer until I actually bought a home.” But after we paired her with our expert designer, she was convinced that having an apartment she would be proud to call home could be a reality. Lakshmi was enjoying the design collaboration: “I LOVE the concepts you put together – they are great and really align with the vision I have for my apartment!”After a few more styling and sourcing considerations, the design pair were ready to make the dream a reality. As the graph says, out of every 10people 6 stays in rents, especially in metropolitan cities like Bengaluru. So why can’t you have all the luxuries and freedom to shape your memories as to owning of a home! That is your home, and you deserve it, be it a rental or owned.

How To Make Your Rental Feel Like Home?

We transform empty spaces into design-forward homes every day, and we can certainly do Rental Interior Design Services for you. So stop dreaming about design and start living it. Get started now with our affordable packages


A fresh new look for your room. This is a package for those who are looking for a “Make over” in their existing home. Choose your best renovation package




Redesigning the entire space (one unit)

Recreating the space


Basic soft furnishes makeover
- Window curtains and holders
- Door curtains and holders
- Themed bedspreads with pillow cover set

Artefacts, display items, planter boxes & photo arrangements.




Economy Basic + below


Texture paint

Balcony design ideas

Soft furnishes including Carpets and rugs too




Economy Prime + below

Designer wallpapers

Premium texture paint

Designer soft furnishings

False Ceiling

Concepts on space management & Designing spaces

Meet our Design Expert

It has never been easier to create your home at your budget

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