Ultimate 5 Wallpaper Tips Make Your Home Truly Yours

Wallpapers are like ornaments for a wall they add life to your home. Designing your home might take a lot of effort. A house should be designed with care because it resembles the person who lives in it. These days’ wallpapers are trending and it is available at affordable price.

Nowadays, Wallpapers have undergone a lot of transformation, those days are gone were only floral print and people had very few choices. Now wallpapers are available in different shades, designs and another great thing is that you can customize as per your needs. Sounds good right?

Planning is very important for any operation to be successful.

First, understand what kind of wallpaper will suit your home. If your home is bright and a lot of sunlight flows in through your windows you can opt for light colors with bold prints.

Are you adventurous? Do you like surfing? Then you can definitely add wallpapers with a surfing board or ones which highlight the ocean or the beach. If you already have an existing, then don’t worry! Just remove your existing wallpaper before you install the new one. Ensure you have the proper tools to remove the old wallpapers properly.
Before putting up the new wallpaper, ensure that the wall is smooth, neat and clean. The wall must not have any cracks or spots where the wallpaper might tear or get caught creating voids in between somewhere in order to the wallpaper to stick on to the wall properly without any problems. Another important factor one should keep in mind is while sticking the wallpaper there should not be any folds or bubbles somewhere in the middle. This hence forth will ruin any wallpaper completely and will not have the same effect as desired when it goes up on the wall.
Usually, bubbles start to disappear as the paper dries up but it is always better to remain cautious to avoid mistakes. A house is not just made of bricks but with love and care. So do take time and plan it properly as per the vision you have in mind.

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Now that you know how to install your new wallpaper on your house, here are some wallpapering design tips and design for adventurous homeowners:

1. Flora & Fauna – There are a lot of floral wallpaper options which can elevate your room and take the décor of any interior space to the next level! Floral wallpapers can give a refreshing and soothing look to your house. Jungle based wallpapers is also a great choice when it comes to selecting a theme for your rooms. Plant based wallpapers
added with indoor plants will help in relaxing and chilling out in your house.

2. Geometry is here – Geometrical wallpapers are becoming quite trendy as they give a cool and awesome vibe. It invokes people’s inquisitiveness and enhances the aura of the living space. Geometrical based design in wallpapers included with very contrasting and matching colors can increase the appeal of any house effortlessly!

3. Metal – Metallic based wallpapers are for those who look for classy, chic and modern design. These wallpapers are simple, minimalistic yet deliver a powerful impact on a house when used perfectly with the right indoor furniture and fittings.

4. Classic – This really is the right choice for millennials. Classic yet futuristic is what these wallpapers deliver. Light creamy shades in baby pink, light wooden brown, cream white, light sky blue, bottle green is some of the classic wallpapers which you can choose for giving your crib a classic and timeless look forever.
5. Victorian – Let’s face it. Victorian era design and architecture was some of the most iconic and great phases in wallpaper history. From patterns to floral designs, some great wallpapers have emerged thanks to the Victorian based design which is still royal and elegant. Some great colors with patterns are coral green, royal blue, cherry red, turquoise green can be used for these types of wallpapers to make anyone’s jaw drop!

So, those were some wallpapering tips for the Adventurous Homeowner. You can go ahead and use some combinations from our list of wallpaper ideas and tips given above.

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