Ultimate Home Gardening Tips For Beginners

Gardening has gained popularity over the years. In villages, there is no need to have separate
gardens as there is greenery everywhere. Big trees with birds soaring high in the sky and the
atmosphere in villages is very positive and pleasant.
But due to excessive and rapid Urbanisation in recent years, People have had to move out of
their agrarian livelihood. Citizens who are living in rural parts of the nation are forced to flock
and migrate to urban areas to earn a decent standard of living and livelihood.
In today’s fast moving and rapidly developing world, our cities have become a concrete jungle
with fewer trees left by the day. Rising pollution levels in our cities is a cause of deep concern.
In the name of urbanisation and globalisation, we have cut down so many trees and plant some
of them have become extinct.
This has caused climatic changes negatively like global warming, increase in drought like
conditions etc. Now, due to increasing awareness people prefer planting trees within their
residential areas. Increasing pollution has caused degradation in food products especially
Artificial fertilisers are used for increasing production. And these days organic foods are taking
up the market space but they are heavily priced which many can’t afford.
Why not start your own vegetable garden in your home? Use your extra space like balcony or
terrace to create your own garden.
To help you out there are a lot of gardening services in Bangalore. You can start by making your
own Garden at your home.
Here are some fantastic gardening tips for Beginners to create your own Garden at your House:
1. Know the type and Quality of your Soil:
First and the foremost thing is checking the capacity of soil. The productivity of the soil. To
increase the productivity you can use natural fertiliser. There are many gardening services in
Bangalore to help you out.
2. Make proper use of Space:
Use your extra space wisely for your garden. Set up grass beds for 4 to 5 inch rise. If you have
back yard it is the best place for gardening.
3. Plan before you Start:
Planning is the first thing you should start with. First make a list of your requirements for planting
vegetables. Growing vegetables like tomato, beetroot, carrots need soil of good quality for better
4. Use Wooden Planks:
Place wooden planks to separate the field,especially when you are planning to grow different
vegetables. Wooden planks also help to give 4 to 5 inch rise of soil bed, which is essential for
crops to make their foundation strong. If the foundation that is roots of your crops is strong it
helps for better growth resulting in better produce.
5. Protect your Crops:
Crops are prone to infections and allergy especially vegetable crops. To protect them from
those infections a small amount of pesticide need to be sprayed. Artificial pesticides which is
harmful for human immune system and can cause various diseases. It is better to use
something natural. There are many plant accessories available in Bangalore.
6. Water your Crops:
Water your crops as per their needs. Some crops need less water as compared to others. If you
give more water than the required level the crop might die spoiling all your efforts. Crops are like
small babies you need to take utmost care so that they bloom and rise.
7. Play some melodious Music:
Science has proven plants and trees respond to music. Music has the power to help plants grow
healthy. Play some soothing music when you have planted your crops on a daily basis.
8. Harvest at the Right time:
Harvesting at the right time is very important. If you harvest too early then your crops are not
ripen and if you wait for too long then it will lead them to perish under soil making all your efforts
going in vain.
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